American Made Nutritional Supplements

In a time when most nutritional supplements are imported from China, and in the midsts of questionable raw materials tainting this industry and others…. why take a chance? Don’t compromise your health with the unknown.

Do YOU know where your supplements come from? Most people do not, although the buzz is out and consumers are taking notice of where the products they buy are coming from.Newspapers and radio shows everywhere have been broadcasting stories, particularly over the past couple of years, about common products we all use which are tainted with toxic chemicals. Products like pet foods, animal feed, produce, toys, plastics, and yes… supplements. Most all the products that were recalled had something in common – they came from Asia. Perhaps they were made with materials which are imported and contained a toxic chemical called melamine. Both melamine and lead have been blamed in more than several deaths and illnesses here in the US.

There are ways consumers can protect themselves and have confidence in what they buy. This begins with reading the ingredient labels and/or the Supplement Facts Box. Luckily, the FDA has already put into place regulatory procedures that food and drug companies need to comply with. Last month, the FDA held a conference with top supplement trade associations to discuss how to handle enforcement of these regulations. Along with tighter control and enforcement of standards comes the need for consumer education, retailer’s responsibility, certification and association memberships. At NutraSense, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements which deliver real health benefits. Our products are backed by research and clinical science to ensure that they are most effective and safe. Each of our products has been manufactured in a cGMP (good manufacturing practice) facility under tightly controlled conditions adhering to the FDA’s guidelines to guarantee a consistently pure product. Technical data and Certificate of Analysis are obtained for all raw materials going into our supplements. NutraSense takes pride in carrying a line of nutritional supplements that are both sourced and manufactured in the USA. Our top selling joint health products are produced America’s heartland. What is just as notable, is that the glucosamine we carry is Cargill Inc.’s Regenasure. Unlike other glucosamine products made from shellfish and imported from Asia, Regenasure is vegetarian and Kosher certified. Using a patented corn fermentation process, it virtually eliminates consumer safety concerns associated with shellfish farming conditions and seasonality problems. It meets all USP-NF specifications, is produced in a HACCP facility, and regulated by GMP standards.

In the end, we at NutraSense feel we are contributing to a healthier nation. Please contact us with your feedback, testimonials, concerns, and questions. As of recently, we can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and of course online at Buy smart, buy American, and buy NutraSense!