Immune Health & Back to School

IS1-IMM90-2It’s time for our kids to head back to the classrooms, back to the lunchrooms, playgrounds and hectic schedules. Unfortunately what this also means is… exposure to more germs!

Our immune systems naturally defend against infection and illnesses, but are challenged every day by germs and bacteria picked up by virtually everyone and everything around us. Sufficient sleep, a well-balanced diet, and good hygienic practices go a long way in this fight, but many people still need help.

You can better prepare yourselves by balancing your body’s own immune defenses with a supplement called EpiCor™.

NutraSense now carries ImmuneSense with EpiCor™ on its new website It’s not a single chemical as are many immune support products on the market, but a natural nutrient-rich baker’s yeast product comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. It actually has an ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) value higher than cranberries, blueberries, acai and pomegranate!

Taken daily, ImmuneSense™ with EpiCor® has been clinically shown to be a safe and effective way to help support and balance the immune system, and maintain wellness. Scientific research demonstrates that EpiCor® works to enhance innate immunity immediately by:

  • Increasing levels of secretory IgA, which naturally acts as a mucosal barrier to pathogens
  • Activating natural killer (NK) cells and human B cells, which support antibody production
  • Possessing significant anti-inflammatory properties
  • free radical scavenger and Powerful antioxidant working in as little as two hours

You may have already heard about EpiCor, as its made headlines lately in Whole Foods Magazine and on Dr. Oz. Recently the manufacturer signed on U.S. Soccer & Olympian winner Christie Rampone as a spokesperson. “Christie is someone who is both relatable and inspirational,” says Doug Reyes, EpiCor’s marketing manager. “As a wife and busy mother of two, who tries to balance home life and work life, Christie can relate the message of the importance of maintaining a strong immune system to millions of working men and women who struggle to hold it all together. What makes this relationship more powerful is that Christie became a fan of EpiCor first before agreeing to endorse the ingredient,” adds Reyes.

For more information about ImmuneSense with EpiCor and other American made nutritional supplements, please visit the NEW website OR call 1-800-350-7017.