Boost Your Immune System Before Heading Back to School


As kids head back to school, they’re exposed to a variety of germs and viruses. Kids, especially younger ones, tend to have habits that expose them to more germs. And because their immune systems are immature, children are typically more susceptible to germs. Once one child has succumbed to an illness, it tends to spread to the other children and adults in the home quickly. One of the best ways to keep yourself and your family protected from all the germs circulating is by boosting your immune system. Continue reading

Boost Your Immune System Just in Time For Summer With Probiotics and Prebiotics!

IS3-DRSPF-2A weak immune system puts your health at risk. Most people only worry about their immune system during cold months, when colds, flus, and viruses are running rampant. But your health should be a priority all year. Recent research has shown that immunity is directly linked to having a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

The GI tractis a prominent part of the immune system. One component of the gastrointestinal system is the intestinal bacteria of the gut flora. This good bacteria works to prevent the overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria in the gut. If the beneficial bacteria in your GI tract becomes imbalanced, it can cause a long list of health problems, including constipation, gas, hormonal problems, candida infections, anemia, vitamin B deficiencies, high cholesterol, and chronic diarrhea, just to name a few. Continue reading

ImmuneSense with EpiCor Helps Balance Your Immune System to Fight Allergies


After a harsh winter with record-setting snowfall and frigid temperatures, spring weather can’t arrive soon enough for most people. But if you’re an allergy sufferer, spring may usher in a worse-than-usual allergy season this year. The intense cold and snow may cause trees to flower late. When the temperatures do finally warm up, the trees will be producing more allergens than usual to catch up. Continue reading

Immune Health & Back to School

IS1-IMM90-2It’s time for our kids to head back to the classrooms, back to the lunchrooms, playgrounds and hectic schedules. Unfortunately what this also means is… exposure to more germs!

Our immune systems naturally defend against infection and illnesses, but are challenged every day by germs and bacteria picked up by virtually everyone and everything around us. Sufficient sleep, a well-balanced diet, and good hygienic practices go a long way in this fight, but many people still need help.

You can better prepare yourselves by balancing your body’s own immune defenses with a supplement called EpiCor™. Continue reading