The Glucosamine Market Today

The Glucosamine market is robust and growing stronger due to the aging population and, thus, the rise of joint related ailments as this group becomes more active with a focus on healthier lifestyles. New scientific studies are plentiful covering the benefits of glucosamine supplementation, the top choice in the treatment of osteoarthritis to maintain healthy cartilage in joints and ease pain. The level at which our bodies naturally produce this substance decreases with age and results in joint deterioration.

Today there are more mega companies producing glucosamine, but only one U.S. Company manufactures a US-sourced vegetarian, shellfish-free & kosher ingredient. NutraSense manufactures its Glucosamine-Extra Strength™ with this Regenasure® brand of glucosamine from Cargill, and we have for 20 years!

Market analysists predict that shellfish-free glucosamine sales will dramatically increase as consumers become more aware of its benefits and also more health conscious about what they consume. Regenasure is GRAS status and FDA approved for food, beverages, and supplements. In my opinion, taking this in capsule form is best since its formulation is unaffected by the heat and pressure associated with tableting and food manufacturing.

Taking a pure, quality glucosamine supplement twice a day, either alone or in combination with chondroitin, is a smart choice for those of us with sore knees and joints who want to maintain joint integrity!