For a Healthy Body, Start with a Healthy Gut


A healthy gut provides needed nutrients for the entire body. To absorb and properly utilize all needed nutritive building blocks, the upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) tracts need to maintain appropriate pH levels, a healthy probiotic (friendly bacteria) population, a strong immune response, needed enzymes and digestive cofactors, and appropriate permeability of the digestive tract lining. When any of these areas are out of balance, digestion and overall health are compromised.

A healthy gut also provides immune support for the whole body. Along with functioning at the core of nutrient assimilation, the digestive tract is also the body’s major gate-keeper in the immune response. About 70 percent of day-to-day immune system challenges are confronted in the GI tract. The intestines make up the largest exposed mucosal surface in the body, making this system vulnerable and in need of focused immune system protection.

Today, even people who eat the healthiest diets struggle with digestive challenges.  Chlorinated water, environmental pathogens and toxins, overuse of antibiotics, processed foods, certain medications, and stress all take their toll on digestive system balance and function.

Several proven natural supplements can help enhance digestive function and, in turn, boost overall health, wellness, and immunity. Good gut health begins with supporting a healthy probiotic population in the intestines, enhancing the immune response, and providing needed fiber along with a diet rich in whole, minimally processed foods.

NutraSense offers several high-quality probiotics that help balance the friendly and harmful bacteria in your digestive system and improve overall body function. NutraSense is proud to offer Dr. Shahani’s probiotic products, including:

  • Dr. Shahani’s Acidophilus –  L. acidophilus DDS-1 strain
  • Dr. Shahani’s Pro-Flora capsules – L. acidophilus plus B. bifidum
  • Dr. Shahani’s Pro-Flora Children’s Chewables

Dr. Khem Shahani was a pioneer in the field of probiotics and is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on probiotics and their role in digestive health. Dr. Shahani’s work at the University of Nebraska covers 40 years and more than 200 published papers. Dr. Shahani laid the groundwork for isolating and manufacturing probiotics that maximize shelf stability, survivability through the stomach, and viability in the colon. More than 95 percent of the existing commercial probiotics do not persist after administration. On the other hand, those probiotics that do persist, including those offered by NutraSense, are like the gift that keeps on giving.