Demand for Quality Joint Health Supplements

Joint Health supplements in the USA are at its highest demand now, as more consumers are active,   health-conscious, and pro-active about taking care of their well-being. Baby boomers as well as older folks know the importance of maintaining joint cartilage integrity and many hope to stave off the inevitable sore joints and inflammation due to normal aging.

Glucosamine has always been the most popular supplement for joint health care. Recently, Cargill Inc. ceased producing their Regenasure brand of glucosamine and a new raw material has taken the spotlight. NOW, the GreenGrown brand of glucosamine is stepping up as the only shellfish-free glucosamine available. NutraSense, a family owned Kansas business since 199,5 is proud to offer GreenGrown in the same formulation they sold Regenasure glucosamine.

“We are extremely fortunate to replace the Regenasure® raw material with the GreenGrown® brand glucosamine”. NutraSense is now fully stocked with the 1,000 ct bottles of Glucosamine-ES 750 mg made with GreenGrown®.  Have you missed all this news? Well, GreenGrown® is almost identical to Regenasure in that it’s:

  • Shellfish-free, allergen-free & vegetarian
  • 750 mg veggie capsules, Non-GMO, and Clean Label compliant
  • US Pharmaceutical-grade and Kosher certified
  • Produced by corn fermentation, with a process protected by 21 patents in 12 countries
  • Every batch tested for purity through a unique isotopic signature carbon tracing method


As we’ve always said – not all glucosamine is the same!! We can sincerely maintain this slogan with the new products. The Glucosamine Plus Chondroitin 90 caps is equally impressive, and we retain the formulation of 500 mg Gluc/400 mg Chondroitin per capsule. Check out our new labeling on the website,!

NutraSense customers are health conscious and historically more savvy about ingredients than the average big-box buyer. Top quality, hand-chosen raw ingredients, purity and clean labels for all our supplements have always been priority. We proudly carry on this belief with the new glucosamines and hope you give them a try soon!