BONEhealth® Uses Eggshell Calcium to Combat Bone Loss


Osteoporosis and low bone density are real concerns as we age, as peak bone mass is reached between ages 20-30. After that, bone remodeling continues, but we lose more than we gain. NutraSense has a new calcium product, BONEhealth, featuring nature’s purest and most absorbable form of calcium – Eggshell Calcium (ESC®) with added vitamin D3 and magnesium.

Our bones not only provide structure, but they protect organs, anchor muscles and store calcium. Our bones are continuously changing and breaking down after we’ve reached peak mass. Several factors affect bone health and bone density, which include things like the amount of calcium in your diet, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use which interfere with absorption; our gender & size, hormone levels, auto-immune diseases and eating disorders, and some medications. Several of these things can be controlled to help prevent bone loss, but some, like age, gender and frame-size cannot.

What you CAN do for yourself is to include plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. The recommended dose for most adults (depending on your age) is 1,000 mg of calcium and 600 IUs of vitamin D. If you’re not getting this in your diet from whole foods alone, supplement what your diet is lacking with BONEhealth nutritional supplements.

Eggshell calcium has been shown to offer a range of benefits over other forms of calcium carbonate. Several recent studies have researched the effects of eggshell calcium on bone mineral density in healthy, post-menopausal women. In these studies, eggshell calcium showed a higher percentage increase in bone mineral density in the lumbar spine, hip bone, and femoral neck than mined calcium carbonate. These studies also showed that in addition to improving bone mineral density, the eggshell calcium did it without significantly raising blood calcium levels like regular calcium carbonate.

BONEhealth provides 100 percent of the daily value of calcium and vitamin D3, the most effective form of vitamin D. It is 20 percent more absorbable than other forms of calcium carbonate, and provides a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium to maximize calcium absorption. BONEhealth also has extremely low trace levels of heavy metals which often times plague other brands.

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  1. We are very pleased to offer this bone health product from the same makers as NEM for joint health…. another quality product sourced and made right here in the mid-west. I recommend BONEhealth!

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